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Incorporated in 2000, JMX Contracting quickly became a national leader in commercial, industrial and institutional environmental contracting services, with many successful projects across Canada in every province we launched the of growth of Demolition to better service our existing cliental base and provide support to the regions in which other national companies are retracting. We are continuously expanding our operational capacity in order to develop new and innovative solutions for the industrial, commercial and institutional asset recovery and overlaying environment considerations while addressing the challenges faced by industry in these interesting times.

Whether you are redeveloping existing or decommissioning your facilities our team of highly skilled specialists can expedite your environmental projects in a cost controlled method, Demolition strives to find the best solution through safe work practices, environmentally leading all the while reducing financial impacts.  ZERO Incidents, whether its people, environmental or financial, through industry leading practices we help your projects or facilities achieve sustainable success.

Our mission is to find value where others only find complications, the decommissioning or redevelopment of any project often has multiple complex operations occurring simultaneously such as demolition, abatement, environmental remediation, equipment removal, structural security, political community implications and commodity salvage. To benefit your project Demolition reduces the amount of impacts on your project whether its through reuse, repurpose or redevelopment, Demolition leads the industry by providing increased value streams that are effective contributors to your projects success. Increased revenue, reduced risk and a industry leader in environmental controls.

I welcome the opportunity to meet and realize the options for your project with the dynamics of how we can partner together to increase your revenue, reduce your risks and manage success. I look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to contact me directly.

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With the purchase of JMX Contracting on September 2016, the key impact of Charlie had on the company was the refocus of JMX Contracting in Ontario, this meant investment in new equipment, acquiring talent and restructuring the company. Although JMX Contracting’s impact on the environmental contracting industry was mainly in Ontario, JMX Contracting has completed many projects outside of its traditional zones, with projects in Vancouver, Calgary, Prince Albert, Regina, Winnipeg and was this need from our clients that we needed to have a dedicated team of regional experts and equipment in the area.

With a renewed energy and focus a new entity was born, Demolition with offices, teams and equipment located in Western Canada, JMX in the first two months of 2017 has established offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Grand Prairie, Regina and Winnipeg. This will allow us to generate a national D4 environmental contracting company, remediation, decontamination (abatement), demolition, decommissioning as others that have retracted JMX Nation will fill the void with competent talent, modern and industry leading equipment.

JMX Group is an industry leading D4 company that has the vision and desire to execute environmental sensitive projects with integrity, zero incidents and a leave no trace attitude through detailed project management that is on budget and on time.

JMX Demolition manages a comprehensive roster of services covering a wide range of industries in order to provide convenience and expertise in all areas. We recruit expert teams to head each of our services so that the job is always completed expertly and thoroughly. From asset management to decontamination, we are a leader in several major industries. Whether its oil and gas or pulp and paper, JMX Demolition has the ability to service all your D4 needs.

Above all, JMX values safety in all divisions of a project. Our integral safety policy serves to protect our workers as well as the environment, and is the heart of our ZERO Incident philosophy. We believe that our work not only can, but should be done in a way that assures no harm comes to our team members or the environment. Along with this fervent commitment, JMX plans meticulously to ensure projects are completed on budget and on time.

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