Experts In Environmental and Industrial Contracting Services.

Core Services


JMX Contracting Inc, focus on the environment, we help clean up industrial by-products and polluted soil, through remediation and reclamation activities. JMX National can take care of all waste from hazardous waste to sludge and ash, we can help with all issues related to polluted soil, build new waste areas, maintain existing areas and close decommissioned areas. Waste area construction is a significant utilisation target for polluted soil and industrial by-products.

Most of the polluted soil processed by JMX Contracting is directed to practical use such as processed soil is utilised in earthworks, such as waste area structures. Non-reusable soil is disposed of safely and, if necessary, stabilised to ensure safe disposal. All JMX Contracting Inc’s environmental works are based on sciences and regulatory knowledge. All procedures are always carried out in accordance with environmental permits and the guidance of our consultants. Our services include reactive, reparative work to correct environmental damage, projects that are planned in advance to restore land to its natural condition.

JMX Contracting has in house skill sets to perform on projects from tank pulls, pipeline spills and ruptures, plus plant landfill clean ups, and waterside clean up.

We can help with all issues related to polluted soil. L&T’s reception network spans nearly the entire country, decreasing the cost and environmental effects of transporting polluted soil.

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At JMX we understand the impact that contaminants can have on our environment and the importance of conducting remedial work in a sustainable fashion. We have earned a strong reputation in the industry for providing safe and innovative solutions that address the most challenging and sensitive contaminated sites in Canada. From start to finish, we commit to safely delivering quality, value and integrity to every project for our clients.

Our experienced team can provide turnkey solutions to address impacted soils and sediments, We have worked with clients in the oil and gas industry, mining, former industrial property owners, developers, and all levels of government.

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JMX Contracting handles demolition projects large and small, our methodology is to stand by the highest safety practices and service procedures in the industry. With a leading team and utilizing technology and engineering, we accomplish the needs and concerns of all our clients. Our resume encompasses multi-story high rises, industrial plants, commercial structures, bridges, tunnels, gas batteries, power plants, refineries, wastewater facilities and much more.

Our focus is to complete a job safely in the most efficient and economical manner. If your project has specific requirements we will make sure that we have that equipment on hand to get the job done.

Our team has experience working on a wide range of large-scale projects, meeting the demands of many different clients, General Contractors, municipal, industrial and commercial clients. From complete site demolition to surgical selective demolition our teams have delivered successful projects on time and on budget.

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The Hazardous material and abatement services offered by JMX include: asbestos containing materials, lead and mold abatement, PCB, mercury clean-up, bird/ mouse dropping clean-up, our abatement crews play a significant role by eliminating aforementioned hazards while involved in gas plant dismantling, chemical plant dismantling, pulp and paper plant dismantling, interior demolition

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JMX offers a portfolio of solutions and partnerships for your assets, whether a mine, power plant, refinery, industrial site, or a Pulp and Paper our proven best practice in asset services are designed to meet your business needs and deliver optimum asset evaluation. At JMX we analyze your project, plant, asset at a strategic level, to optimize the value for your type of facility. Our strategic analyses will identify the most efficient, cost effective and safest decommissioning process.

Our services include, demolition, decontamination(abatement), deconstruction and dismantling, all operational activities are performed with an extensive pool of readily available, knowledgeable and skilled staff. We develop and implement innovative strategies for decommissioning of late life facilities, providing a full range of services from, equipment removal asbestos management to removal of bulk fluids (drain down). Our expert teams provide cost-effective solutions for assets and facilities that must be safely decommissioned to exacting industry regulatory standards. As a result, we have become Canada's trusted source for extensive demolition and decommissioning projects, as well as complete site remediation.

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JMX is a full-service decommissioning, demolition, decontamination(abatement) company that specializes in undertaking highly technical projects, this combined synergy coupled with our experience, we are able to do the intimidating projects that most other companies are unwilling to do. This synergy will always help keep project schedule and costs by eliminating both schedule creep and additional mobilization costs.

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Assets Management

Our asset recovery services partners and teams treat our clients with honesty, integrity, and a sense of urgency. We offer unsurpassed experience in valuing and monetizing any tangible or intangible asset. With over eighteen years decommissioning and demolishing plant facilities we have the expertise and skill set to identify value and our asset partners disburse in excess of 1.2 billion dollars of assets world wide.

JMX National asset management team and partners offers valuation, packaging, removal and shipping of specific parts & equipment. Logistics for the transport & movement of parts & equipment. A team of Liquidation Auction services can expedient sale, packaging, removal & shipping of industrial equipment for facilities facing termination or bankruptcy.

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Material Management

Beyond what is just good environmental practice, Owners, Shareholders, Cities, Municipalities are constantly under the pressure to reduce landfilling debris and most have discovered that sustainable practices and green initiatives have made the greatest positive impacts on their projects, plants and operations. Innovative companies have successfully adapted their recycling initiatives with the help of JMX Contracting and JMX National as a strategic partner in the scrap metal recycling industry. JMX delivers value added expertise in the scrap metal recycling process for its customers while ensuring your recyclables products get maximum return in the volatile commodities market.

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