We Care About Our Clients, Employees and the Environment.

Leaders In Safety

We Follow Industry Safety Standards.

The operational excellence of JMX Demolition is guided by the philosophy that safety is the foundation that great companies are built on. This is embodied in our Zero Incident goal for all of our team members, our projects, our company, and our industry. Continually improving our safety performance is an ongoing process that we have our company, staff and leadership invested greatly in.

Workplace Safety Standards

Safe Workplace Policy Standard

JMX Contracting Inc. has a long tradition of quality demolition and environmental services. The basis of this tradition is the skill, experience and dedication to quality performance of the highly skilled JMX team that puts the safety of its employees first by ensuring they are trained with industry leading hazard and safety behavioral training.

Our employees are committed to a goal of ZERO Incidents on our projects and our client’s sites. It is the driving objective of JMX Contracting Inc. to ensure that all workers on a project can work free from hazards which can cause injury or even loss of life, along with an ever-watchful eye on the environment in which we work in. Our workforce, our owners and our clients all strive to deliver a ZERO Incident safety message. There are no other company rules, practices, methods or goals greater than SAFETY.

At JMX Contracting Inc. we recognize that it is both the owners and the employee’s responsibility to maintain a safe work place.  Foremen, Supervisors, and Superintendents have the additional training and responsibility of making sure those working under their direction work safely and in a hazard free environment.

We cannot stress enough on JMX’s commitment to an injury-free work place. This commitment requires the company, our clients and all employees not only to comply with our safety rules but also to adopt the attitude of the JMX’s ZERO Incident commitment on the site, whether in our facilities, on the road or on our projects.

JMX Contracting Inc. has a very comprehensive and effective Environmental Health and Safety Policies and Procedures program in place which guides our ZERO Incident mandate and is consulted by all management and all employees in all aspects of a project.


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